Couple, two children uninjured when tornado carries house 150 yards

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By James Walker on June 13, 2014. No Comments

A Burnet County couple and their two children escaped injury after a tornado lifted their home off its foundation and carried it 150 yards as violent weather hit Central Texas and the Highland Lakes region Thursday evening.

Trent and Stacy Ashworth and their two children, ages 16 and 12, were in an interior bathroom in the house when the tornado hit, said neighbor Mark Tillery, who identified himself as Trent Ashworth’s brother-in-law.

The house located on a hill a short distance off RR 1174 about a mile south of RR 963, traveled a u-shaped path after being lifted off its foundation, Tillery said.

“They’re all all right physically,” Tillery said.

The Ashworth’s were back at the house Friday morning, awaiting the arrival of an insurance adjuster and had no desire to speak to the media, Tillery said.

There were two other reports of damaged houses in Burnet County Thursday evening but Jim Barho, the county’s emergency management coordinator, said he was unable to confirm that.

“We got a report of a mobile home and roof damage on another home in the Briggs area, but I think they were further north,” Barho said Friday morning.

The storms desposited a significant amount of rain on the Hill Country and elsewhere in Central Texas, including 3.72 inches in Kingsland and 3.64 inches in Lakeway, according to the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Marble Falls, Burnet and other locations in Burnet Country reported more than two inches of rainfall.

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