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By Mark Goodson on May 21, 2014. No Comments

By Randy Stevens

Special to the Highland Lakes Newspapers

Horseshoe Bay resident Sherman Martin is a self-admitted perfectionist.

It stems from his background as an engineer in the petroleum and chemical industry and continues to be a integral part of his personality since moving to the area in 1989.

He is also an avid golfer. Has been for more then 50 years. And those who are even the least bit familiar with the game, understand that the words “perfection” and “golf” are oxymorons. There’s always room for improvement.

But when it comes to maintaining and attempting to keep a golf course looking the best it possibly can be, Martin’s Type-A personality is a great fit, particularly for his current role as course marshal at the Legends Golf Course in Kingsland.

“I’ve always loved golf courses and have played most of my life. And with my background in engineering and construction, I love looking over golf courses,” Martin said. “When I go to a different course, I’m always looking at the design of the course, how well its been maintained and how much tender loving care has been given to the course. I also want to make sure I leave it in better shape than it was when I got there.”

As someone who has marshaled at numerous area courses, including 10 years at The Legends, Martin, 72, has seen the 18-hole Tom Kite designed course go through an up-and-down history since its inception in 2002. But since the course was recently acquired by a new ownership group, Martin is really excited about what the future holds for what he calls, “a hidden jewel in the Hill Country.”

“You can really tell a difference with the new owners and the atmosphere that has been presented,” Martin said. “They are very friendly and intent on focusing on doing everything it takes to allow golfers to really enjoy their round.”

Some of the welcomed improvements are easy to notice. Outdoor seating has been placed beneath the course’s landmark — a 700-year live oak tree next to the No. 1 tee; the clubhouse has been remodeled with new tables and chairs, as well as an 80-inch high-definition TV that could be the one of the largest in the Highland Lakes area; and the pro shop is now offering a lot more high-quality merchandise.

Plans are also underway to build a new patio next to the 18th green with a beautiful view of LakeLBJ.

“It’s always been a great course, one that is just as nice as of a course as any I have played in the Hill Country,” Martin said. “Now, it’s got really friendly personnel that are intent on making people feel wanted and want to come back. They truly understand that when people come out to play golf, they are out to enjoy their round and have a good time.”

Martin’s love for nurturing golf courses began when he was working for Conoco and Dupont in Ponca City, Texas. Martin and his golfing buddies frequented a local municipal course that wasn’t in the best of shape.

“They only had about a half-dozen golf carts and very little equipment for maintenance,” Martin said. “So I got the idea to assign each other a hole on the course to take care of, and it started to get a little competitive to see who could do the best.

“The pro there saw that we were doing such a fantastic job taking care of the course, he got a plaque to recognize what he thought was the most well-kept hole each month and would put our names on it. I have loved working on golf courses ever since. There’s no place I’d rather be.”

So the next time you decide to go play a round at the The Legends don’t be surprised to see Martin on the course enthusiastically nurturing the course he loves.

Just make sure you fix your ball marks and replace your divots.

To schedule a tee time, schedule a play and stay weekend or inquire about affordable membership plans, call 325.388.8888.


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